91 Days: Toki no Asase/Subete no Kinou/Ashita, Mata Ashita

91 Days: Toki no Asase/Subete no Kinou/Ashita, Mata Ashita

91 Days: Shoal of Time/All Our Yesterdays/Tomorrow and Tomorrow 91Days Day13「時の浅瀬/すべての昨日/明日、また明日」

Toki no Asase (Shoal of Time) Rather than attending Sunday mass, a young Nero Vanetti and Vanno Clemente convince Nero's younger brother Frate to join in their mischievous plan to visit the ongoing circus in Lawless. Despite the inevitable trouble they will find themselves in later, the three sneak out in hopes of having some fun. Subete no Kinou (All Our Yesterdays) At a bar in Lawless, Ganzo Alary meets Vincent Vanetti, a recent Italian immigrant in search of a job. Intrigued by Vincent's resolve to eventually become a don of his own family, Ganzo invites him to meet some members of the Morenos the next day—an encounter that will soon shape the future of Lawless and its mafia families. Ashita, Mata Ashita (Tomorrow and Tomorrow) After defeating the assassin in the small town of Khota, Angelo Lagusa and Nero head back to Lawless. However, Nero has come down with a fever and begins to experience vivid dreams of the past. Meanwhile, Angelo does his best to help him recover with a special remedy. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
R - 17+ (violence & profanity)
6.89 / 24,854
24 min.
Finished Airing






Fall 2017




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