This is where we keeping track of AnimeOwl development progress and history
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Started the project

August – End Phase 1

Finished Phase 1, concept formed, website is up and running with all the basic function. We started to publicly collect feedback and ideas to add to development plan.

[We are here] 2020

September – Start Phase 2

Finalize ideas and begin Phase 2. Phase 2 focused on improving all the functions on the website to gives users the best experience on a streaming site:
– Mapping MyAnimeList data to all anime on-site: This aims to provide users more information while creating a strong base for future functions. (done)

– Watch history: Record and mark what episodes users watched. (done)

– Improve on-site search engine: Search is important and we want it to be as easy as possible for users. This update will include better keyword search (done), and additional filters/sort (pending).

– More quality option (done)

– Random anime generator: Random is fun and you can easily find something new and exciting with random function.

– Improve player’s functions: Auto-next, 15 secs forward and backwards, Screenshot, Keyboard Mapping, save setting after reload, next button, etc. (done)

-Auto Portrait mode on mobile

– Improve bookmark: New UI, Notification, Classification, etc.

– Expand our Library: We will find more anime sources for the site after we collect information from you guys about what we are missing via #anime_request.

– Renew comment section: Switch to a more anonymous and popular comment system

– Add Download button: Download is a loved feature but it does take a lot of server resources to do it, we have a few ideas in mind and we will try to make it real while keeping the site free.

– Add tags and have separate sections and filter for: Dub, Sub and Chinese

– Anime recommendation: The Next Big Things (list of recent new and hyped animes), Old but Gold (recommended old animes).

– Request and report button: This will lead users to Discord so you can communicate with us.

– Add related anime to cover pages: This will help you have a better understanding of watch order and what is related to each other.

January (estimated) – End Phase 2 – Start Phase 3

Finalize Phase 2, get feedback and collect ideas for Phase 3. Phase 3’s purpose is to move to more advanced and unique functions that many of you are waiting for.
Confirmed ideas:
– Link original content creator to stimulate community support toward them: We will try to find a data source and map it with our current data. (do suggest us a data source of original content creators if you know one, we need info like name, website, etc.)

– User stats: Total watch time, Total anime watched, badges, join date, titles, etc.

Considering ideas: (do help us contrubute more on

– Watch together – have fun together.

– Android, IOS app version of the site.

– Continue watching episode (with time stamp recorded).

– Account sync with MAL or SIMKL.

– Mirror domains for site backup

– Mini player.