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Doubutsu Takarajima  1

Doubutsu Takarajima

Viewed: 189
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 6.43
Type: Movie
Genres: Adventure
Other name:
English: Animal Treasure Island
Japanese: どうぶつ宝島
Sub 1
Lupin III  2

Lupin III

Viewed: 482
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 7.68 (scored by 20,292 users)
Type: TV Series
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen
Other name:
English: Lupin III
Synonyms: Rupan Sansei, Lupin the Third
Japanese: ルパン三世
Sub 23
Genshi Shounen Ryuu  3

Genshi Shounen Ryuu

Viewed: 152
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 6.30 (scored by 443 users)
Type: TV Series
Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen
Other name:
English: Ryu the Primitive Boy
Synonyms: Genshi Shonen Ryu
Japanese: 原始少年リュウ
Sub 22
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Dub  4

Ali-Baba and the Forty Thieves (Dub)

Viewed: 33
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 5.56
Type: Movie
Genres: Action, Fantasy
Other name:
Synonyms: Ali Baba to Yonju-hiki no Touzoku, Alibaba and the Forty Theives, Alibaba's Revenge, Ali Baba to Yonjuppiki no Touzoku
Japanese: アリババと40匹の盗賊
Dub 1
Sasurai no Taiyou  5

Sasurai no Taiyou

Viewed: 174
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 6.48
Type: TV Series
Genres: Drama, Music
Other name:
English: Nozomi In The Sun
Synonyms: Wandering Sun, Nathalie Sasurai no Taiyo
Japanese: さすらいの太陽
Sub 26
Gegege no Kitarou 1971  6

Gegege no Kitarou (1971)

Viewed: 40
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 6.53
Type: TV Series
Genres: Adventure, Demons, Super Power, Supernatural
Other name:
Japanese: ゲゲゲの鬼太郎
Sub 3
Attack No.1 Namida no Fushichou  7

Attack No.1: Namida no Fushichou

Viewed: 44
Released: 1971
MAL scored: 6.05 (scored by 135 users)
Type: Movie
Genres: Drama, Shoujo, Sports
Other name:
Synonyms: Attack No.1 Movie 4
Japanese: アタックNo.1 涙の不死鳥
Sub 1